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WW II Legacy Memorial Latest Updates and News / FWD BCCd to VSOs

January 2024 Newsletter

Happy New Year!

A New Year with New Goals

Last year was a milestone year for The Michigan WWII Legacy Memorial as we celebrated the dedication of Phase 1. But we are not done.

Our WWII vets and original Rosies are in their late 90's; many are over 100-years-old. Our goal is to have as many of them as possible see the completed Memorial. 


We have launched a variety of campaigns and events to raise funds for future construction in an effort to cast a wide net. The total cost of the Memorial as designed is $2 million.

As a way to keep momentum going, we have set a short-term goal to raise $500,000 for Phase 2 construction. This will allow us to add additional statues and the 10' x 50' black granite entrance wall/Wall of Stars. The more raised, the more elements can be added to the current Memorial.

This is where you come in. Raising money is a monumental task which we cannot do alone.

Just click one of the tabs to help us reach our goal.

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Campaign Updates

We want to thank the following organizations for their contributions of $500 or more:

  • Corewell Health William Beaumont University Hospital for their donation of $5,000. We look forward to growing our corporate relationships.
  • The VFW Department of Michigan for organizing a state-wide campaign raising funds for the Memorial. We are receiving donations from Posts across the state and are grateful for the support of the Veterans of Foreign Wars organization.

We also want to thank individuals who made donations, including those honoring Walt Bayla, Murray Cotter, Fred Hollis, Jerimiah George Semerad, Jr, Crosby and Gladys Sparks, and Louis Joseph Stark.

Book of the Month

April 12, 1945: After years of bloody conflict in Europe and the Pacific, America is stunned by news of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's death. In an instant, Vice President Harry Truman, who has been kept out of war planning and knows nothing of the top-secret Manhattan Project to develop the world's first atomic bomb, must assume command of a nation at war on multiple continents—and confront one of the most consequential decisions in history. Countdown 1945 tells the gripping true story of the turbulent days, weeks, and months to follow, leading up to August 6, 1945, when Truman gives the order to drop the bomb on Hiroshima.

In Countdown 1945, veteran journalist Chris Wallace takes readers inside the minds of the iconic and elusive figures who join the quest for the bomb, each for difference reasons, including Albert Einstein, Robert Oppenheimer, and the Soviet spies who secretly infiltrate the research team.

Perhaps most of all, the book is the story of an untested new president confronting a decision he knows will change the world forever. More than a book about the atomic bomb, Countdown 1945 is an unforgettable account of the lives of ordinary American and Japanese civilians in wartime as well as American soldiers fighting in the Pacific, waiting in fear for the order to launch a possible invasion of Japan. Told with vigor, intelligence, and humanity, this book is the definitive account of one of the most significant moments in history. (Taken from the Amazon description of the book)

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