Riders Blog Notes

 Riders Blog Notes

1. Posts Roster   
Blog Note #1
Many members need to find a VFW Post address or contact telephone number. Michigan Department maintains a master list of the Michigan VFW Posts, and you may get access to that list via our Blog. Choose the tab "Posts Roster" at the top of the Blog home page, and it will open the contact list.

2. Michigan Department Riders Page
Blog Note #2
VFW Michigan Department maintains a Riders web page on their website. You may access this page by clicking on the D4 Riders backpatch icon on the right of the Blog home page.

3. Charity Watch Tab
Blog Note #3
Many of your Posts plan on doing fundraisers for charity and may need to find a charity or determine the quality of a charity. A website is available to do that, and the Blog has a connection. Click on the "Charity Watch" tab at the top of the Blog home page, which will direct you to the site.

4. Blog Home Page Tabs
Blog Note #4
The Blog Home has many link tabs for other websites at the top of the home page. Clicking on the tabs will open the website indicated.

5. Riders VFW Store
Blog Note #5
Do you want to purchase VFW Riders goods? Our Blog has a link to the VFW Store Riders Page. Click on the VFW Store - Riders on the Blog home page.

6. Blog post archives
Blog Note #6
The right side of the Blog Home page is a section of Blog Archives. Past posts to the blog are saved and organized by date. Click on the date to view the postings.

7.  Blog post labels
Blog Note #7
Posts to the Blog are assigned Labels. Current labels are Events, Benefits, Health, and Information. Click on the label to view posts assigned to that label. The labels are listed on the right side of the Blog home page.

8.  Blog tabs alphabetical
Blog Note #8
The Tabs at the top of the Blog home page are alphabetically arranged.

9.  Blog Posting Search
Blog Note #9
Notes posted on the Blog may be found by using the Search feature. A search box is located on the right side of the Blog home page.