Thursday, July 18, 2019

Fwd: Discounts for Veterans on, New PSA w/ Tom Hanks, VA Partners with Clergy

Resources for Veterans, their Families, Caregivers, and Survivors

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Top brands and exclusive deals for Veterans at

Veterans Canteen Service (VCS) has a new online shopping benefit exclusively for Veterans enrolled in VA Healthcare, their families and VA employees at
Proceeds from purchases are given back in support of VA programs such as: National Rehabilitation Adaptive Sports Games, Vets Crisis Suicide Prevention, Fisher House, Women Veteran Programs, National Disaster Relief, Homelessness Veterans programs, and much more.


New PSA with Tom Hanks urges everyone to 'Be There for Veterans'

'Be There for Veterans' PSA
VA, in partnership with Johnson & Johnson, is promoting its "Be There for Veterans" public service announcement (PSA) as part of VA's larger #BeThere ( campaign. In the video, narrated by actor and filmmaker Tom Hanks, VA issues an urgent call to action: reach out to Veterans who may be in need.


Hurricane tips for Veterans and families

Humvee on a flooded street
Are You Ready for Hurricane Season?
Hurricane Season is June 1 – Nov. 30. Never underestimate the value of being prepared. The information linked below may help you learn more about hurricanes, hazards associated with hurricanes and what you can do to prepare.


VA Podcast: Local Clergy and VA partner to help Veterans through Faith

Borne the Battle Episode 154: Benefits Breakdown - VA Center of Faith and Opportunity Initiative
This episode of Borne the Battle focuses on a resource for local clergy to further recognize Veteran stressors that may lead to crisis and to understand VA benefits and programs available.
Working together, VA hopes to provide more tools to clergy as they reach out to Veterans within their congregations and communities.


National Resource Directory
Did you know the National Resource Directory has more than 14,000 vetted resources available to you right now? Featured Resource: TSA
TSA offers special assistance for Wounded Warriors and Veterans. To find out how to access this service, visit the TSA website for information on the necessary procedures and screening efforts that can help you have a smooth experience at the airport.
Find a VA

Find a VA Facility near you.


Not sure where to start?



Are you a Veteran in crisis or concerned about one? 

Did you know that VA offers same day services in Primary Care and Mental Health at 172 VA Medical Centers across the country? Make the Connection Resource Locator
Talk with other Veterans who have walked in your shoes on RallyPoint.

Contact the Veterans Crisis Line (1-800-273-8255 and press 1, Chat, or Text 838255.)

What's your best drill instructor/drill Sergeant story? 

Barracks inspection horror stories: What's the worst you've seen?

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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Health care made simple

Our new health care page has the answers.

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talk to the veterans crisis line now
u s department of veterans affairs

The new online front door to VA health care.

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The new VA health care page gives you more straightforward and complete access to VA health care. On this page, you can apply for VA health care, manage your care and prescriptions, and review other resources and programs. Visit our health care page today and apply for health care if you haven't already.

Access Care

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Veterans Health Administration · 810 Vermont Avenue, NW · Washington, DC 20420 · 877-222-VETS (877-222-8387)

Sunday, July 7, 2019

USAF WW2 history

When a U.S. city was bombed by the U.S. Air Force.
During the dead of winter, March 21st 1944; Miles City, Montana; local residents woke to their quaint little town being overrun and submerged by the rising frozen waters of the Yellowstone river. Ice jams were building quickly, raising the subzero river water levels over 16 feet. As the blocks of ice, slush and freezing waters flooded into the city, residents were forced to flee their homes for safer grounds.
Miles City Mayor L.S. Keye knew immediate action must be taken, and brought in explosive experts from a nearby town. Two local pilots took a small aircraft over the river and attempted to drop and detonate 50 pound homemade bombs on the Yellowstone ice jam , but unfortunately it had little effect.
Mayor L.S. Keye then decided to do the unthinkable, and placed an urgent request to the Governor's office. His request was short, and to the point "Send in the Bombers!"
At a USAAF base in Rapid City S.D., the crew of an Army Air Force B-17 were quick to accept the unusual mission, and preparations to bomb an American city were fast underway. The crew hastily began fusing and loading 250-pound bombs into the bomb bay of their USAAF Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress. Shortly thereafter, the loaded bomber with her crew of eight, took to the skies in a harsh blizzard and low ceilings.
The plan was to deliver the bombs to Miles City where the load would be transferred to a waiting Dive-Bomber to execute the bomb delivery. As the lone B-17 was nearing Miles City, low clouds forced the plans to be changed. Under a blanket of 1000 foot overcast skies, the B-17 was then ordered to handle the bombing run themselves.
Originally planned to release the load at 10,000 feet, the low overcast forced the bomber crew to take their ship lower. At 1930 hours, in heavy snow, winds and cold, the bomber appeared over the river and executed two dummy bombing runs as crowds of locals watched in amazement. On the third pass, the B-17 released a test bomb that exploded precisely on target. Unsure of the effect, the crew brought their bomber around again.
Making a two more passes, releasing all six of the 250 lb. bombs. Hundreds of residents watched motionless, and none speaking a word. The entire town, their homes and their families future hung in the balance as they watched the bombs fall. Seconds later a huge plume of ice, mud and water exploded skyward from the frozen Yellowstone river.
The ice jam quickly broke apart, and the frozen waters slowly receded, saving the small town. The next morning, local residents were thrilled to watch as the water levels had dropped a full 10 feet from the day before.
That night the crew of the B-17 were welcomed by the thankful and relieved residents of Miles City Montana. The entire crew were put up at the local hotel, and each received a well-deserved steak dinner.
The next morning, the crew departed, and the B-17 made a final victory pass low over the town at 50 feet over the rooftops, rocking their wings as they flew back home to Rapid City SD... and so the story goes of the only time the continental United States was bombed.
"Of all national assets, archives are the most precious; they are the gifts of one generation to another.  And the care of them, marks the extent of our civilization."
Sir A. G. Doughty


Monday, July 1, 2019

Your records should be accessible

Come see our new records page.

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Talk to the Veteran Crisis Line
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Access your VA records in a new way.

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Thanks to the newly created VA records hub, you can now access and manage your VA records online in one place for the first time. You can get Veteran ID cards, request your DD214, search historical military records, and more. Take the first step towards getting your records and documents today.

Get Your Records