Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Rodney Gasaway Veterans and First Responder Program: Pro Allies

Our District 4 Riders Chaplain founded the Veterans First Responder support group called Pro Allies. Rev. Rodney Gasaway is an ordained Clergy in the United Methodist Church. He serves at two congregations and is a volunteer chaplain for the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the Chelsea Area Fire Authority. His expertise is in community engagement, missions, and outreach. Rev. Gasaway is completing TSD counseling certifications at Michigan State University.  Pro Allies provides verbal support to the participants and referrals to other organizations if required. This group is registered as a Michigan non-profit, and the organization's Directors are applying for a 501 c3 designation. Today, support meetings are held in Chelsea, Michigan, and American Legion Post 32, located in Livonia. Pro Allies maintains a website: Check out this site to get more details about their program.