Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Detroit Police Stuffed Animal Donation

Many members of our Riders Group attended a Stuffed Animal Donation Event for the Detroit Police Department and United Way. For a few years, the District 4 Riders Group partook in a program to provide stuffed animals to local and state police departments. The police departments use these animals in their community programs. We thank the following for attending this event at the Detroit Police Headquarters and for our District Commander Oville Beauchamp's support. Our Riders Group donated 364 stuffed animals.

Rodney Gasaway, Gary DeMars, William Schaffer, Jan Schaffer, Ralph Miricale, Dennis Bowlder, John Welchman, Dianne Welchman, Orville Beauchamp, Terry Baxter, Veronica Baxter, Luke Baxter, Gordon Dorey.