Friday, November 17, 2023

Woodhaven PetSmart Stuffed Animal Donation

 District 4 Riders Stuffed Animal Program:

The Riders Group from District 4 expresses gratitude to Woodhaven PetSmart for their exceptional involvement in the Stuffed Animal Donation Program. PetSmart urged its customers to contribute animals to our VFW Riders program, and we received remarkable results. Mike Lewis, the Flat Rock Post Commander; Bill Schaffer, the Riders President; Denny Bowdler, the Sergeant-at-Arms; and Gary DeMars, the Webmaster, visited the Woodhaven PetSmart store to collect what we assumed would be a moderate donation. However, they were pleasantly surprised to find out that they had 20 bags of donated animals to contribute to our program. We applaud PetSmart employees and its customers for a job well done.