Thursday, February 13, 2020

Kroger Community Rewards MI Freedom Center Support

Kroger Community Rewards Program
Dear Freedom Center Supporter,
I am continuing my push to identify ways to help fund MI Freedom Center operations by finding easy ways for our supporters to contribute simply by doing what you already do. One of these ways to support us without any additional financial pain on your part is to join the Kroger Community Rewards Program and designate the Michigan Armed Forces Hospitality Center as your beneficiary. When I last made this appeal, we had 26 supporters who had designated the MI Freedom Center as beneficiary. We now have 39 as our latest report from Kroger indicates.
While I can't be 100% sure, I bet that we have more than 39 supporters who shop at Kroger. If you are a supporter who shops at Kroger and who has yet to designate the Michigan Armed Forces Hospitality Center as your Kroger Community Rewards Program beneficiary, please do so now by clicking on the following image.
If you don't shop at Kroger for your groceries, please ask if your grocery store has a program similar to Kroger's in which you can participate and share the information with me. I know that Meijer has a similar program. I will share information on their program in a future communication.

Thank you for your support of our mission to serve those who serve us!
Honored to serve,
Patrick Colbeck
MI Freedom Center, CEO
MAFHC | 755 W. Big Beaver Road, Suite 2020, Troy, MI 48084-4925 3137447507
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